Screen Record, create GIF, edit and draw, all from one single app, Mobizen!


Record, edit, publish, and broadcast your videos with ease so that the world can see.

With Mobizen, you will finally have an easy way to turn your smartphone into your own personal video recorder. You will be able to shoot video on the fly and then go back and edit it with ease. The app itself is simple to use. Once you have downloaded it to your phone, just open it and start recording. Once you are finished, you will find that you can easily go back and finish the project with a good editing job. No computer is needed.

With Mobizen, you can go back and add in a professional introduction to the video, combined with a conclusion at the end. You can use fades and other features to add some extra personality to the video. You can even capture a screen image and add that in as well. You will be able to select the quality of the video that you send depending on the capability of your network. There is not much that you cannot do with this app. If you have been looking for a simple way to start shooting and editing videos, this is the program you want to use.